Groundhog Day
Mar - Sept 2017

“The sense of people struggling to figure out life and endure its tests resonates even louder in "Night Will Come," a gorgeous soliloquy sung by Ned Ryerson (John Sanders)"


- The Hollywood Reporter

“There are unexpectedly poignant solos for supporting characters, like the bereaved insurance salesman (John Sanders)."


- Ben Brantley, 

  New York Times

The Public Theater
Oct - Dec 2017

"These dramatic questions are not posed with histrionic flourish in “Illyria.” (The title comes from the fantastical setting for “Twelfth Night.”) Often they loom less large than romantic crosscurrents and nagging rivalries, particularly between Joe Papp and the more successful Stuart Vaughan, whom Mr. Sanders portrays with a canny subliminal smugness."

- Ben Brantley, New York Times

Drury Lane Oakbrook

"a priceless John Sanders"

- Ben Brantley, New York Times

"a well-oiled ensemble. The performances will make your head buzz."

- New York Daily News

First National Tour
2013 - 2014

"John Sanders steals the show as the dashing, malaprop-dropping Black Stache. His farcical amputation is comic gold. One of the funniest bits I've seen all season."

- Los Angeles Times

"It would be hard to top John Sanders as Black Stache. Sanders makes every line sparkle and cavorts about the stage in hilariously limber fashion."

- Baltimore Sun

"The showcase role is Black Stache, and John Sanders revels in its riotous opportunities. He gives an adroit, hilarious performance as the flamboyant pirate, perfectly balancing grandeur and buffoonery."

- Houston Chronicle

Writers' Theatre Chicago

"Versitile character leading man John Sanders looks strappingly handsome for an indoorsman (like a combination of Ian Charleson in Chariots of Fire and John Barrymore in, well, anything). He is sexy without a bit of trying, sings like a dream and lands every barb. No wonder the other two characters on stage must want him."

- Broadway World

"John Sanders has managed to turn what were mere pastiches into moments of genuine dramatic discovery."

- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

Atlantic Theatre Company
Sept - Nov 2015

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